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Calls for urgent intervention in Emfuleni amid late salary payments



delayed salary payments

The embattled Emfuleni Local Municipality in the south of Johannesburg continues to make headlines for all the wrong reasons, with irate employees taking to the streets recently to protest against delayed salary payments for May. Barricading several roads leading to the municipality offices with rocks and burning tires, the employees expressed their frustration, according to The Citizen. They demanded a resolution to the ongoing issue.

According to Rhau Mphahlele, the regional chairperson of the South African Municipal Workers Union (SAMWU), this is the third time workers have experienced delayed payments this year. Mphahlele called on the municipality to engage with Rand Water and Eskom to find a lasting solution to their debt dispute, emphasising its negative impact on workers. He expressed concern that the entire institution could collapse if no one resolves the problem soon.

Emfuleni Local Municipality has faced challenges, including coalition instability and a failed motion of no confidence against Mayor Sipho Radebe in March. Kingsol Chabalala from the Democratic Alliance (DA) called for urgent intervention from the Gauteng MEC for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (COGTA), highlighting the need to find a permanent solution to resolve the municipality’s financial crisis and deliver uninterrupted services to residents.

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In response, the municipality apologised to all employees for the delays, acknowledging the turbulent times they are facing. The municipality expressed the need for all stakeholders, including residents, businesses, Eskom, and Rand Water, to work together to find long-lasting solutions while maintaining a positive relationship. Emfuleni also called on stakeholders to pay for essential services and support efforts to address the municipality’s financial challenges.


Local businesses, represented by Mpho Khambule from the Vereeniging Business Corporation (VBC), expressed their frustration and intention to escalate the matter to the office of the President. They emphasised the unfairness of being expected to pay monthly municipal bills for services they are not receiving and called for urgent action.

As the situation in Emfuleni Local Municipality continues to unfold, stakeholders are looking for lasting solutions to address the financial crisis and ensure the well-being of employees and residents.

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