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Metro urges residents to boil discoloured water in parts of Pretoria



boil discoloured water

Tshwane Metro has urged residents to boil discoloured water as reports of tainted water supply surfaced in Pretoria West and the CBD on Saturday. Concerned about the safety of the city’s water, Tshwane Metro has pleaded with residents to filter and boil the water before consuming it.

Ward 59 Councillor Shaun Wilkinson confirmed that water discolouration persisted in his ward on Sunday. Responding to the issue, Tshwane Metro took to social media, stating that their water and sanitation team was actively investigating the matter. Preliminary investigations revealed that the low level of the Klapperkop reservoir, caused by a faulty pressure-reducing valve, might be contributing to the sediments entering the water system and causing discolouration.

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Affected areas include Sunnyside, Clydesdale, Arcadia, Trevena, Pretoria Central, Muckleneuk, and a small portion of Hatfield. However, Tshwane Metro assured residents that as the water levels in the reservoir improved, the sediments would settle, and the water colour would return to normal.

However, residents expressed their concerns on social media, sharing videos of brown-looking water and feeling insecure about the situation. Terries Hlongwane, a resident of Jeff Masemola Street, Pretoria Central, described the water as “very dirty” and expressed unease, drawing comparisons to previous water crises in Tshwane.


Source: Metro urges residents to boil discoloured water in parts of Pretoria

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