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Eskom Seeks More Funding to Expand Power Grid




Electricity Minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa has highlighted the need for additional funding for Eskom to expand the power grid. During a media address on Sunday, he emphasised the importance of enhancing the grid’s reliability as reported by SABC News.

According to the Minister, Eskom’s balance sheet cannot currently finance the required expansion at the necessary scale and speed, especially in response to transmission demands. Creative solutions are being sought to address this financial gap effectively.

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In addition to funding challenges, Eskom continues to face difficulties with generation unit trips, impacting the stability of the electricity supply. Minister Ramokgopa’s team is collaborating closely with the Gauteng government to tackle this issue. This is particularly crucial as Gauteng, the country’s economic hub, accounts for around 25% of the electricity load.

Weather conditions in Gauteng also play a significant role in electricity supply stability. The Minister mentioned the impact of cloudy weather on photovoltaic (PV) generation, which influences the ability to provide the required megawatts. Taking these factors into account, efforts are being made to optimise supply and maintain stability in the region.


Overall, the Minister’s statements highlight the importance of additional funding for Eskom’s grid expansion and the complexities of ensuring a stable electricity supply, especially in Gauteng, given its high electricity demand and reliance on renewables.

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Photo: Facebook / @SABC News

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