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Gauteng Committee Calls for Swift Police Response to Crime Complaints




Following an incident in Alexandra, Johannesburg, where five suspected criminals were killed by an angry mob of residents last week, the Gauteng Provincial Legislature’s Portfolio Committee on Community Safety has urged the police to address complaints of alleged crime promptly as reported by the SABC News.

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In response to the situation, Committee Chairperson Bandile Masuku stressed the importance of police responsiveness in combating crime. He emphasised the need for effective community reporting of criminals and stated that the Committee aims to ensure continuous communication with communities to address this issue. Holding the police administration accountable is also a key aspect of their initiative.

The statement made by Bandile Masuku highlights the Committee’s commitment to enhancing safety measures and fostering a proactive approach to crime prevention. The article presents a clear and direct report on the Committee’s call for swift police action and community involvement in fighting crime. The writing style remains objective and informative, conveying essential information without editorialising.

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Photo: Facebook / @SABC News

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