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Gqeberha Fashion Designer’s Studio Raided by Burglars



Gqeberha designer

The dream of a Gqeberha designer to showcase his clothing at an African fashion show in August has been shattered by the devastating break-in at his Sidwell studio.

Thando Piliso dedicated months to meticulously creating and crafting 18 exquisite outfits intended for the Ghana Menswear Week in Accra on August 24 and 25. Additionally, he was eagerly looking forward to participating in a tie-dye training course on African prints as reported by the Herald Live.

However, heartless criminals ransacked his studio, leaving a trail of loss and devastation. They callously made off with his collection of 18 modern isiXhosa outfits, a suitcase containing wedding dresses, and various other garments intended for a fashion store in Johannesburg. The theft also included his essential tools of the trade, such as a sewing machine, overlocker, embroidery machine, laptop, desktop computers, projector, microwave, and kettle.

Piliso estimates the total value of the stolen goods to be around R200,000.

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Last week, a case of business robbery was reported, according to police spokesperson Priscilla Naidu. She revealed that the perpetrators broke into the premises between June 30 and July 1, taking four wedding dresses, two sewing machines, and other valuable items. The criminals gained entry by smashing a window.

Devastated by the news, Piliso shared his heartbreak. When he received the distressing information, he was away on business, leaving him unable to protect his studio and cherished creations. He explained that the criminals exploited a large window to access the studio, conveniently packed with the outfits in suitcases to prevent unauthorized photographs by walk-in clients.

Remarkably, the audacious thieves returned the following day, only to be thwarted by the presence of newly hired security guards, as Piliso’s landlord took swift action to safeguard the premises. Despite their attempts to break in by hurling rocks at the fixed window, the guards successfully repelled them.

The designer expressed the painful task of informing two clients about the loss of their dresses, who had weddings scheduled for September and November. Among the stolen items were four wedding dresses, two intended for the fashion show and the other two custom-made for his clients. Piliso had no choice but to share the unfortunate incident with them.

In addition to the fashion show, Piliso had eagerly anticipated a coveted tie-dye training course, allowing him to acquire the scarce skill of creating African prints—a skill South Africa typically imports. The burglary has shattered these aspirations as well.


Upon his return to the city, Piliso promptly reported the criminal complaint to the police. Now forced to work from home, he strives to salvage what he can from the irreplaceable loss, a challenging endeavour he faces with determination.

Piliso humbly appeals for any assistance that would enable him to reconstruct his collection for the show and pursue the invaluable training course.

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Photo: Instagram / @thandopiliso_

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