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Restored Car Wins Top Prize at Gauteng Car Show



Car Show

Warren Daniel, also known as Mr Big Bite, and his dedicated team at Big Bite Performance in Mondeor proudly crafted a remarkable BMW 325i MEX for the annual German vs Japan Car Show held at Nasrec Expo Centre.

This year’s competition, held on July 9, witnessed a spectacular triumph as their custom-built car secured first place in the highly coveted hottest ride category.

As thousands gathered to display their impressive vehicles, the unveiling of Mr Big Bite’s BMW 325i MEX became the event’s highlight. Aptly named Lazarus after the Biblical figure resurrected by Jesus, this car is a testament to transformation’s power.

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The car initially faced mechanical challenges and underwent a comprehensive restoration process. Imported BMW original equipment manufacturer parts were meticulously installed, accompanied by a top-of-the-line Rockford Fosgate sound system and custom 10j wheels.


Enthusiastic spectators were captivated by the AIRBFT air suspension, skillfully fitted by Big Bite Performance. The car’s boot featured hand-polished tanks and pipes, with in-house pipe bending. The air suspension itself rested on an imported digital glazed large-format tile wrapped in luxurious Alcantara fabric. A stunning surround sound system complemented the entire ensemble. This beauty boasts a captivating Ferrari red paint finish.

The car’s victory was determined by public vote, a testament to its undeniable appeal. Daniel reflected on this achievement: “The most significant aspect of the car’s win is the journey it has undertaken. Building this car was a laborious process, requiring ten weeks of late nights and early mornings. It was our unwavering passion for cars that fueled our dedication throughout.”

Daniel’s connection to the BMW 325i model was pivotal in its selection for this project. He shared, “As a child, it was always my dream to build a car like this. Looking back on my earlier years, my father owned a BMW 325i, and when I was finally old enough, I couldn’t resist taking it for a spin. The brand and model hold a special place in my heart due to their esteemed reputation.”

Representing Johannesburg South, Mr Big Bite was deeply honoured to secure this prestigious first-place title in Hottest Ride. He remarked, “Winning feels surreal, and I am humbled by this recognition. Supporters who followed our restoration journey on social media played a crucial role in our success. I am immensely grateful to everyone who offered their support and lent a helping hand along the way.”

The winning car is currently displayed at Big Bite Performance, located at 270 Columbine Avenue, Mondeor. Public members are invited to capture photos and videos of this exceptional vehicle. It will remain in the spotlight for one month before being carefully stored as the team eagerly prepares for the next ambitious German vs Japan 2024 project.


Source: Restored car wins first place at largest car show competition in Gauteng

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Photo: Supplied by Alberton Record

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