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SABC2 Cancels ‘7de Laan’ After 23 Years, Fans Express Their Sadness



SABC is cancelling 7de Laan after 23 years

SABC is cancelling 7de Laan after 23 years on air, as announced by SABC2 and Danie Odendaal Productions. TimesLIVE reports that the long-running popular soapie debuted on April 4, 2000, and has become a household name, bringing beloved characters like Oubaas, Hilda, Charmaine, Aggie, Emma, and the Meintjies family to life.

Set in the community of 7de Laan in the suburb of Hillside, the show has evolved over the years to reflect the changing society, introducing dynamic characters, storylines, and languages from various races and cultures, showcasing the rich diversity of South Africa.

Throughout its run, 7de Laan has garnered numerous awards, including the prestigious South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTAs) for Best Soapie and receiving votes as the Most Popular Soapie.

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Lala Tuku, Head of Content for Video Entertainment at SABC, expressed pride in working with Danie Odendaal Productions and being part of the journey of producing the best Afrikaans soapie on local television. Tuku extended well wishes to the dedicated cast and crew of 7de Laan for their future endeavours.


Thandi Ramathesele, the show’s executive producer, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to produce a show that has touched the lives of millions of South Africans over two decades. Ramathesele thanked the cast, crew, and viewers for their unwavering support, acknowledging the impact of 7de Laan in addressing crucial social issues and promoting inclusivity.

As the final season ends in December 2023, the announcement marks the end of an era for 7de Laan, leaving behind a legacy of entertainment, cultural representation, and meaningful storytelling.

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