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Germiston Residents Worried About Pothole Problem



Germiston Residents Worried About Pothole Problem

Motorists in Germiston are expressing growing concerns about the deteriorating condition of the city’s roads, exacerbated by unpredictable rainy weather. The recent rains have increased the number and size of potholes, with residents particularly worried about a large pothole on May Deep Road, sizable enough to accommodate an average-sized person.

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During a visit by GCN journalists, the impact of the rain on the pothole was evident as water filled it, making it practically invisible to passing cars. Taxi drivers, such as Siyabonga Khumalo and Irvin Maseko, highlighted their challenges when navigating the potholes on rainy days. Khumalo emphasised that water accumulation creates visibility issues, leading to traffic problems and occasional vehicle damage.

Local driver Irvin Maseko shared an incident where he assisted a disoriented motorist, particularly emphasising the dangers of being stranded in a remote area due to pothole-related damage. Despite residents attempting to barricade the pothole with bricks, disappearing into the water, these makeshift measures proved ineffective.

The road, often used as a shortcut, becomes hazardous during rainy days, affecting motorists and local recyclers like Busang Makwetla, who must take longer routes with their trolleys. The impact extends to pedestrians, with school learners at risk of being splashed by passing cars hitting water-filled potholes.


Busang Makwetla also highlighted drainage issues in the area, particularly between Meyer Street and Johann Rissik Road, causing traffic congestion during evening rush hours. The residents’ efforts to address the problem through barricades and inquiries to the City of Ekurhuleni have so far yielded limited results.

As of November 16, the GCN has initiated a media inquiry to the City of Ekurhuleni, seeking comments on the road conditions and pothole concerns, with a response expected by November 17 at 12:00.

Source: Potholes in Germiston become a concern among locals

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Photo: Supplied by Citizen

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