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Glenvista Hero Project Launched to Recognise Community Contributors



Glenvista Hero

The National Centre for Child Protection, in collaboration with BMW Joburg South, initiated the Glenvista Hero for its Children Project on July 7.

The project aims to honour individuals who demonstrate care for the well-being of children. Community members are encouraged to save the Glenvista Child Protection hotline number, 079 072 5144, and participate in the project by nominating someone in the community who they believe performs remarkable work for or with children.

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Nominees can come from various backgrounds within the community, including school teachers, sports coaches, caretakers of safe spaces, security guards, police officers, cashiers, or emergency response units. To nominate someone, simply send an SMS or WhatsApp message to the hotline, providing the name and surname of the candidate residing in the Glenvista area.

The competition will remain open until September 30. These deserving heroes will be recognised with certificates of appreciation for their significant contributions to the community.


During the launch event, certificates were also awarded to individuals positively impacting the community.

To raise awareness for a school catering to learners with cerebral palsy, the National Centre for Child Protection CEO Danie van Loggernberg demonstrated the challenges these special needs children face in their daily activities by pulling a vehicle while seated.

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This visual demonstration shed light on these children’s experiences and their unique obstacles.

By initiating the Glenvista Hero for its Children Project, the National Centre for Child Protection seeks to acknowledge and celebrate the commendable efforts of community members working towards the well-being of children.


Source: Glenvista Hero for our Children Project launched

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Photo: Supplied by Southern Courier

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