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Gauteng Public Hospital Patients Encouraged to Provide Care Feedback



Gauteng public hospital

Gauteng public hospital and clinic patients now have the opportunity to provide feedback on their level of care through the annual patient experience of care (PEC) survey. The survey forms are easily accessible at all public health healthcare services. MEC for Health and Wellness, Nomantu Nkomo-Ralehoko, emphasised the importance of participation, encouraging all users of public health services to inquire about the survey and seek assistance in completing it at their attending facility.

The PEC survey allows patients and the public to rate various aspects of facilities, including access to care, availability and use of medicines, patient safety, cleanliness, values and attitudes of staff, and waiting times. Patients and the public can utilise the survey from July to September to indicate their satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

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Tshepo Shawa, a spokesperson for the MEC, highlighted that the survey should accurately reflect what the patient or their family experiences and should not be influenced by healthcare workers. The feedback provided will help the Gauteng Department of Health improve and deliver quality healthcare. Shawa acknowledged the department’s daily receipt of complaints related to staff attitudes and outlined the measures taken to reduce the number of complaints. The department will host a quality assurance seminar focused on creating a welcoming environment for an improved patient care experience. Additionally, the department will launch the “I serve with a smile” campaign to reinforce the values of “Batho Pele” in service provision, boost staff morale, and enhance the user-friendliness of healthcare facilities.

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According to the health department, the patient experience of care survey outcomes for 2022/2023 indicates a patient care satisfaction level of 86.4%. However, patient safety for 2023/24 stands at 34%, primarily attributed to staff factors (86%) and patient factors. Complaints during the same period were 15% related to staff attitudes and 19% related to patient care.

In other news, the long-awaited restoration of the ‘once-grand’ Schubart Park is underway after many years.

Source: Patients can now rate public hospitals as dept seeks to improve services

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