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Placement for Grade 1 and Grade 8 Learners to Commence in September



The Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) has announced that parents and guardians of Grade One and Grade Eight learners in 2024 will receive school placement offers for their children in September this year. The placements will be communicated via SMS, and the process will begin on September 4.

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However, the GDE’s MEC Matome Chiloane clarified that not all applicants will receive immediate SMS offers on the first day of the placement period. The department assures that placement offers will be continuously sent out throughout the entire period until all learners are successfully placed.

To ensure eligibility for placement, the GDE strongly encourages parents to submit or upload the necessary documents before the deadline of July 28. The placement period can be challenging due to high-pressure schools facing significant demand, and the GDE kindly requests patience and understanding from the applicants as they diligently work to place all learners.

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Parents and guardians need to understand that all placements are subject to the priority of placement criteria and space availability at each school. Therefore, applicants who cannot be accommodated at the schools they applied to, as those schools have reached capacity, will receive transfer offers for placement at the next closest school with available space. These transfer offers will only be made after confirming that none of the applied schools have available space.

Parents and guardians who receive placement offers for schools they did not apply to can accept or decline the offer. The GDE aims to ensure a smooth and fair placement process for all learners and their families.

Overall, the GDE emphasises the importance of adhering to the placement procedures, being aware of the criteria, and submitting necessary documents on time. They remain committed to providing quality education opportunities for all learners in Gauteng.

Source: Placement of Gr 1 and 8s to start in September

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