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Enhancing Safety: Launch of Program to Target 1700 Gauteng Schools



Gauteng Schools

In response to the alarming incidents of stabbing, violence, and gangsterism plaguing schools in the province, Gauteng Education MEC Matome Chiloane has taken a significant step forward by introducing a school safety program named “Operation Kgutla Molao.”

Addressing learners at Qalabotjha Secondary School in Vlakfontein, MEC Chiloane emphasised the program’s mission to protect learners and secure their future as reported by SA News. “We are here to ensure that we are going to protect your future with you. Today, we are launching a school safety program that will be implemented across our schools in the province,” he declared.

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“Operation Kgutla Molao” has been thoughtfully designed to establish stable, peaceful, and disruption-free learning environments in the majority of schools. The department considers school safety a paramount priority in education, fostering an atmosphere where learners support each other rather than engaging in harmful conflicts.

MEC Chiloane detailed a series of interventions embedded in the school safety program, including random search and seizures in schools to be conducted periodically. Moreover, the Gauteng Department of Education will collaborate closely with communities, the Gauteng Department of Community Safety, and law enforcement agencies to foster a comprehensive approach to safety.


Parents have been encouraged to play an active role in ensuring discipline and to regularly monitor their children’s activities to prevent involvement in illicit conduct.

“We have developed Operation Kgutla Molao to safeguard the wellbeing and future of learners from destructive behavior and social ills. With integrated support from various law enforcement and community safety structures, we will be able to diminish acts of misconduct and pave the way to focus on providing effective learning and teaching at schools across the province,” stated MEC Chiloane.

Operation Kgutla Molao will ambitiously extend its reach to 1700 Gauteng schools, including 275 schools classified as high-risk. The program outlines specific actions to be taken:

  • Suspension of learners involved in violence and/or sexual harassment, with disciplinary action and potential trial.
  • Disciplinary action against educators and non-education staff implicated in sexual harassment and/or violence, leading to trial proceedings.
  • Swift intervention by MEC and GDE officials to understand the underlying causes of such behaviours and implement corrective measures.
  • Regularly report threats and incidents to law enforcement agencies, particularly the South African Police Services.
  • Engaging community stakeholders to address issues of school safety and protests that disrupt learning and education.

Additionally, the program will deploy 5,000 patrollers to schools in the townships in collaboration with the Gauteng Department of Community Safety and Community Policing Forum. These patrollers will have E-Panic buttons to enhance access control and response capabilities.

A successful holiday school safety pilot program implemented in December 2022 has proven effective in reducing burglaries at identified schools. This pilot initiative involved regular patrols by professional guards and community awareness campaigns, urging the reporting of incidents to a call centre linked to the police and emergency services.

“Operation Kgutla Molao” spearheads Gauteng’s commitment to creating safer schools, fostering social cohesion through non-violence, and promoting effective learning and teaching. In collaboration with various stakeholders, MEC Matome Chiloane’s initiative aims to protect learners, ensuring they have a conducive environment to thrive and build a promising future.


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