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Hammanskraal Water Tankers Cleared in Cholera Outbreak, Tshwane Confirms



City of Tshwane | Official (Page) -Hammanskraal

At least 21 individuals have lost their lives to cholera in Hammanskraal. The city has not yet determined the exact source of contamination.

According to an official statement, the city’s tests have confirmed the absence of cholera in the water supply.

On Monday, the city conducted comprehensive sampling tests on water obtained from various sources, including reservoirs, fire hydrants, primary schools, clinics, and other locations receiving water from the Temba Water Treatment Plant. The results indicated that the water is free from cholera and safe for consumption.

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Selby Bokaba, the spokesperson, urged residents to refrain from purchasing or consuming water from untested tankers.


Bokaba stated, “The City of Tshwane has been alerted to distressing reports from community members regarding roaming water tankers selling water to Hammanskraal residents.”

He further emphasised, “Communities are advised against purchasing or drinking water from these tankers as it has not been tested and certified as safe for consumption.”

Bokaba reiterated that the city provides potable water, free of charge, to both formal and informal areas in Hammanskraal.

Additionally, officials from the Tshwane Metro Police Department (TMPD) have been deployed to conduct stop-and-search operations on any water trucks without valid permits.

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Photo: Facebook / @City of Tshwane | Official (Page)

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