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Local non-profit organisation takes action to combat youth unemployment



Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator

Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator, a non-profit organisation dedicated to fighting youth unemployment, opened its doors to the public during a media tour in Johannesburg last week ahead of Youth Day commemorations.

With a mission to alleviate the challenges young job seekers face, Harambee supports approximately 3.5 million individuals by equipping them with skills and connecting them to employment opportunities.

Portia Simelane, who struggled to find work for three years after completing her matric, found a lifeline through Harambee’s bridging course and eventually secured a position in the call centre team.

Over the years, Simelane has advanced within the organisation and now serves as a network experience guide, assisting other job seekers in their quest for employment by guiding CV preparation, interview skills, and more.

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Harambee’s commitment to its cause is evident through its partnerships with over 900 employers, resulting in a staggering income of around R17.5 billion for employed youth.

Additionally, Harambee goes beyond career support, providing resources such as clothing for interviews to ensure job seekers have the necessary tools for success.

Through their SA Youth network and free mobile website,, Harambee extends its assistance nationwide, enabling young people to access resources and opportunities to combat unemployment.

Simelane encourages fellow youth to take advantage of these resources and expresses gratitude to Harambee for its transformative opportunities.

Source: Local NPO helps fight youth unemployment


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