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Council Convenes to Assess Scope of Hijacked Buildings in Wake of Joburg CBD Fire



hijacked buildings after the Johannesburg CBD fire

The City Council will discuss the audit of over 20 hijacked buildings after the Johannesburg CBD fire. The aftermath of the incident, which claimed the lives of 77 people, will take centre stage during a scheduled council sitting by the City of Johannesburg. According to EWN, the city aims to shed light on the timeline of when the building was hijacked, a critical aspect following the expiration of the lease agreement between the city and the Department of Social Development.

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Johannesburg Council Speaker Colleen Makhubele expressed the expectation that the mayor of Johannesburg would provide comprehensive reports, including precise dates and statistics, to establish precisely when this building fell into the hands of hijackers.

The aim is to acquire detailed information in written form, not only regarding the hijacked buildings but also to gain clarity on the total number of such properties, which is estimated to be around 26. A thorough audit will address this pressing issue better.

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