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Kempton CBD Residents Express Concerns Over Growing Homelessness Issue



influx of homelessness in Kempton CBD

An influx of homelessness in Kempton CBD has prompted concerned residents and business owners to approach the EMPD for assistance. According to Lieutenant Colonel Kelebogile Thepa, an EMPD spokesperson, officers conducted a by-law enforcement operation on July 5 when around 30 business owners and residents approached officers and raised concerns about the influx of homeless people, unpleasant hygiene, drug abuse, and high crime rates.

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She assured the community that the EMPD regularly conducts operations with other stakeholders, like home affairs and social development departments, and enforces municipal by-laws daily. However, the challenge is that if the EMPD removes the homeless on one day, they return the following day. Thepa explained that some shelters are full and cannot accommodate the homeless, making finding shelter one of the significant challenges.

The homeless living conditions cause a health hazard to themselves and the public, with dirty clothes, debris, and drug needles littered on the streets. Thepa added that by-laws apply to all residents, including the homeless, and the EMPD will not tolerate unlawfulness. The influx of homelessness in Kempton CBD highlights the need for a collaborative effort to address the issue.

Source: Locals voice concerns over influx of homelessness in Kempton CBD


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