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Action Plan For Swartkoppies Informal Settlement Emergence in Kibler Park



informal settlement on the Swartkoppies site

Concerned residents of Kibler Park and its neighbouring areas have joined forces to establish a comprehensive action plan in response to the sudden emergence of an informal settlement on the Swartkoppies site.

In an urgent meeting convened on the evening of October 4, residents from Ward 125 and the surrounding regions gathered to address the pressing issue. The primary objectives of this gathering were to raise community awareness regarding the abrupt appearance of an informal settlement in Swartkoppies, orchestrated by the City of Johannesburg (CoJ) on October 5, and to devise a strategic action plan.

According to reports, CoJ received a court order mandating the provision of Temporary Emergency Accommodation (TEA) for individuals previously occupying a burnt building in Marshalltown.

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During the meeting, community members shared their anxieties about safety concerns. Their unease stems from the lack of knowledge about the backgrounds of these new occupants and apprehensions about the strain this informal settlement may place on existing infrastructure and essential services like water and electricity.


The Department of Human Settlements director clarified, “Since the burnt building in Marshalltown is condemned, COJ had been instructed to find a safe place for the affected individuals and they chose this specific land. However, the MMC of Human Settlement has not sanctioned this decision.”

In response to this situation, the residents of Ward 125 and the adjacent areas have decided to initiate legal action by appealing the court order. Additionally, they plan to stage a protest on the site to impede the further development of the informal settlement, effectively making it a key component of their action plan.

Source: Action plan against emergence of informal settlement on Swartkoppies site

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