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Inspecting Vannin Court: Safety Concerns in Joburg’s CBD



Inspecting Vannin Court Safety Concerns in Joburg's CBD

City of Johannesburg authorities and law enforcement personnel are inspecting of an abandoned and hijacked eight-storey building located on Pietersen Street within the Johannesburg Central Business District (CBD). This building, known as Vannin Court, has unfortunately become a refuge for criminals who exploit its layout, including escape routes like the depicted shaft, to elude law enforcement authorities as reported by EWN Reporter.

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The conditions within Vannin Court are dire, with reports indicating a lack of basic amenities such as running water and electricity. This unfortunate situation has posed significant security challenges and led to the building’s occupation by individuals engaged in criminal activities.

City officials and law enforcement agencies are taking action to address the issues surrounding Vannin Court and mitigate the risks it presents to public safety and security. Inspections like this one are part of ongoing efforts to ensure Johannesburg residents’ well-being and safety and address the challenges posed by abandoned and hijacked buildings in the city.

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Photo: Twitter / @EWN Reporter

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