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JMPD Takes Action: Shacks Belonging to Zama Zamas Demolished at Zamimpilo Informal Settlement



JMPD demolished zama zama shacks

On Sunday, August 6, the JMPD demolished zama zama shacks at the Zamimpilo informal settlement in Riverlea. According to EWN, this operation was part of an anti-illegal mining raid spearheaded by Joburg Public Safety MMC Mgcini Tshwaku. The move comes in response to a surge in violent conflicts among zama zama miners in the area. In recent weeks, residents protested, expressing frustration over law enforcement’s perceived inability to address the issue of illegal mining.

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Community members have reported that these illegal miners often use the shacks to store gold and other valuable resources. Joburg Community Safety MMC Mgcini Tshwaku stressed his determination to eradicate spaces for these unlawful activities, stating, “And also all the shacks that we empty and no one was there, we demolished them.”

To streamline the operation, community policing forum officials marked shacks connected to zama zamas with distinctive red and black paint, helping police identify structures for demolition.

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Picture: Twitter / PublicSafetyMMC

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