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Joburg Rescue Services Retrieve Woman’s Body from Klip River



Joburg Rescue Services Retrieve Woman's Body from Klip River

Johannesburg rescue teams successfully recovered the body of a woman found floating in the Klip River, raising concerns that it might be linked to the disappearance of a woman and a man during a cleansing ritual on Saturday night. While the recovered body is yet to be identified, efforts to locate the missing man are ongoing, as reported by IOL.

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The Joburg Emergency Management Services, in collaboration with the SA Police Services Water Wing and K9 units, retrieved the body near the N1 Northbridge just before 12 pm. The identity of the body remains uncertain, leaving open the possibility that it could be one of the individuals feared drowned during the ritual.

The search for the missing man, part of the duo aged 18 and 21 who disappeared on Saturday night, continues. The incident occurred during a cleansing ritual in the Klip River, prompting emergency rescue services to issue a cautionary reminder about the dangers of conducting rituals, particularly in areas with varying water levels.

Xolile Khumalo, the spokesperson for Joburg Emergency Management Services, emphasised the importance of safety and advised community members to exercise caution, especially when rituals involve proximity to rivers, particularly after rainfall when water flow intensifies.


In light of the incident, traditional healers, prophets, and pastors were also urged to prioritise the safety of their congregants during rituals. The ongoing search underscores the seriousness of the situation, emphasising the need for vigilance and safety measures in such practices.

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