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Non-Compliant Venue for Joburg CBD Fire Commission – Public Safety MMC Reveals Years of Neglect



Johannesburg CBD Fire Commission venue non-compliant

In a recent oversight inspection, the City of Johannesburg MMC for Public Safety, Mgcini Tshwaku, expressed astonishment that the Johannesburg CBD Fire Commission venue had been used without a compliance certificate. EWN reports that Tshwaku highlighted that the Sunnyside Office Park, the venue for the commission investigating the Usindiso building fire, had been non-compliant for many years.

This revelation led to the commission, tasked with examining the tragic Marshalltown blaze that claimed 77 lives, being abruptly halted after just three days of hearings during the week. The commission received a notice from Johannesburg Emergency Management Services (EMS) indicating that the Sunnyside Office Park did not meet safety regulations.

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According to Tshwaku, the provincial government must foster a collaborative relationship with the City of Johannesburg municipality, ensuring adherence to the city’s bylaws and the safety of chosen venues. The responsibility for logistical matters related to the commission falls under the Gauteng government.

Currently, the provincial government has not responded to inquiries from Eyewitness News regarding the situation. The halt in proceedings has prompted authorities to seek an alternative venue for the ongoing commission.


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