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Police Detain 6 Suspects with Suspected Stolen Property and Unlicensed Firearm



Johannesburg Flying Squad arrested six people

The Johannesburg Flying Squad arrested six people in a recent operation. They made significant progress in combating crime by apprehending suspects in the Johannesburg area. The arrests took place between July 28 and 31, resulting in the recovery of one unlicensed firearm and three stolen vehicles.

The squad apprehended three suspects for possessing suspected stolen property. At the same time, the police arrested the remaining three for having an unlicensed firearm. Among the recovered items was a 9mm CZ 75 firearm with its serial number filed off, booked at the Florida SAPS. The squad also recovered a blue BMW that had been hijacked, a stolen white Toyota Fortuner, and a stolen silver Dodge.

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The efforts of the police and the community led to these arrests while investigations are still underway. Between 20 and 27 years old, the suspects appeared in various magistrate courts. They face charges related to their alleged crimes.

The SAPS thanked the public for their cooperation and encouraged anyone with relevant information to contact the detectives, quoting the respective case numbers.


Source: 6 suspects arrested for possession of suspected stolen property unlicensed firearm

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