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Black Business Council Urges Arrest of Crime Kingpins in SA



Black Business Council

The Black Business Council in Johannesburg calls for prosecuting kingpins involved in the counterfeit goods trade. According to the council, simply arresting individuals on the ground is not enough to significantly impact the illicit trade. CEO Kganki Matabane emphasises that these criminals operate with high levels of organisation, and it is essential to dismantle their structures to combat the issue effectively as reported by ENCA.

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The urgency of the matter comes after yet another major bust in Cape Town, where counterfeit goods with a value exceeding R100 million were seized. Matabane believes that dealing with such a well-organised network requires targeting the top-level individuals orchestrating these operations rather than just those at the lower levels.

In his statement, Matabane points out the complexity of the criminal network and stresses the need to trace the flow of money generated from the sale of counterfeit goods. He expresses confidence in the robustness of the financial system, believing that it should be capable of detecting suspicious transactions linked to this illegal trade.

The Black Business Council firmly believes that apprehending the kingpins will significantly disrupt the counterfeit goods trade. By going after the masterminds of these operations, they hope to end the large-scale distribution of counterfeit products in the market.


The call for prosecution and dismantling of criminal structures highlights the seriousness of the issue and the determination to combat the trade of counterfeit goods. With concerted efforts to target those at the top of the network, the council aims to curb illegal activities and protect consumers and legitimate businesses from the harmful effects of counterfeit trade.

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