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Johannesburg roads scrutinized after sinkhole accident



The precarious state of Johannesburg’s roads came to the fore again after a man in his 60s was fatally run over by a truck while trying to warn drivers of a sinkhole in Sandringham. According to reports, the sinkhole was left uncovered for several weeks following water repairs by Johannesburg water operators as reported by Eyewitness News.

The victim, Simmy Waner, attempted to caution other drivers by placing an orange cone near the hole.

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However, he was hit by a truck and did not survive. Councillor Daniel Schay from Ward 72 confirmed that a barrier was initially placed around the sinkhole but later removed, and the backlog of repairs by the water operator is a city-wide issue that takes several months to complete.

Police are investigating the incident as a case of culpable homicide.


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