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Johannesburg Tourism wins SMME award at Rand Show



Joburg Tourism Company (JTC) won the Best Small, Medium, and Micro Enterprises (SMME) Product and Services pavilion award at this year’s Rand Show. JTC was chosen to showcase the critical role SMMEs play in creating a vibrant economy as reported by Joburg.

JTC invited ten SMMEs from Johannesburg, which included wine producers, guesthouses, food, furniture, and art shops, to participate in the show.

The event gave the SMMEs a platform to showcase their products and businesses and created market access, which will contribute to the local economy by creating employment opportunities.

As a result, JTC has won many awards, including Africa’s most-visited City and one of the world’s best cities for Arts and Culture.

Lumka Dlomo, JTC Destination Marketing Manager, attributes the awards to the love and passion the JTC team has for their job.


Photo: Facebook / @Johannesburg Tourism Company

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