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JRA Continues Ongoing Programme to Repair City’s Roads



JRA's programme to fix Johannesburg's roads

JRA’s programme to fix Johannesburg’s roads is essential to ensure their longevity, according to spokesperson Bertha Peters-Scheepers from the Johannesburg Road Agency (JRA). She explained that Johannesburg’s roads have a typical lifespan of 25 years, and regular maintenance practices like pothole patching, crack sealing, and resurfacing play a vital role in extending their durability. Recently, the JRA completed the resurfacing of 15th road in Randjespark as part of their ongoing efforts.

Recognising the challenges faced by the road infrastructure, the JRA has implemented a project to resurface roads in Region A and maintain their condition. Factors such as heavy vehicle overloading, the high volume of vehicles on the roads, theft, and vandalism have contributed to the degradation of road infrastructure. Peters-Scheepers highlighted that natural elements like rain, sun heat, and illegal mining have further deteriorated JRA roads and associated structures.

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To prioritise road resurfacing, the JRA conducts regular Visual Condition Assessments (VCA) across the extensive road network of Johannesburg, which comprises approximately 13,599 km of both surfaced and unsurfaced roads. Surfaces roads make up around 12,430.47 km of the city’s road network. The VCA helps inform the JRA’s response and allows them to focus on preserving existing road infrastructure and preventing it from deteriorating to a poor condition.

Peters-Scheepers emphasised that the JRA follows a structured approach to road management, including proactive maintenance measures such as pothole repairs, crack sealing, and resurfacing. These actions are part of their comprehensive response plan. In conclusion, she reaffirmed that road resurfacing is an ongoing program, illustrating the city’s commitment to investing in and improving Johannesburg’s road network.


Source: JRA’s ongoing programme to fix the city’s roads

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