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Angry Bramley North Residents Demand Improved Service Delivery



poor service delivery in Bramley North

Residents of Bramley Park are expressing their growing frustration with poor service delivery in Bramley North. They have complained to the Johannesburg Road Agency (JRA) and City Parks about potholes and uncut grass near Boero Road for over a year.

The situation has worsened, and they believe the JRA is not taking sufficient action to address the road conditions. They claim that the increasing number of potholes on the streets has caused damage to their vehicles, exacerbating their concerns.

Nishani Govender, a Bramley Park resident, spoke about the lack of response from their ward councillor, saying, “I witnessed an accident next to Bramley Pick n Pay. We have on several occasions invited our ward councillor to neighborhood meetings as well as to join our WhatsApp group, both with no response. He adds no value because nobody can ask any questions or raise matters.”

Councillor Andrew Stewart from Bramley North Ward 91 acknowledged the long-standing issues with the JRA’s performance addressing potholes. He mentioned that City Parks is aware of the situation on Boreo Road. But he explained that cutting veld grass follows the policy of burning it once a year. However, due to missed cutting cycles, residents are requesting more regular maintenance to prevent the overgrown grass from becoming potential hiding spots for criminals.

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Altaae Adams, a community member, highlighted the link between overgrown grass and criminal activities, stating that the community had repeatedly urged City Parks to cut the grass before eventually taking matters into their own hands.

In response to the concerns, Mosa Makhalima, a spokesperson for the Johannesburg Road Agency, acknowledged the existence of potholes in Bramley. He explained that there is a backlog of potholes, but the agency is actively working to address the issues. Regarding a specific case, Makhalima mentioned that reinstatement and pothole repairs, including the one related to reference number 4098325, are scheduled for the first two weeks of July.

The residents of Bramley Park are eagerly awaiting the resolution of these issues, hoping for improved service delivery and prompt action to fix the roads and address the overgrown grass, ensuring a safer and more functional community environment.

Source: Residents of Bramley North are furious over poor service delivery

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Picture: Supplied by the Sandton Chronicle

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