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Unpacking Water Outages in Kelvin/Marlboro: Insights Revealed



Kelvin and Marlboro water outages

The Kelvin and Marlboro water outages have residents turning in frustration to social media, particularly X (formerly Twitter), to express their grievances. Social media user @BoetaR consistently raised concerns with Joburg Water from October 16 to November 3, highlighting the ongoing water scarcity. The Sandton Chronicle contacted Johannesburg Water (JW) on October 31, prompting a response from JW spokesperson Nombuso Shabalala on November 3. Shabalala clarified that the water interruption resulted from closing the Sandton 1 and 2 meters to allow Rand Water reservoirs to recover, affecting the Linbro Park and Marlboro direct feeds supplying the Kelvin, Marlboro, and surrounding areas.

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@BoetaR’s post on X drew attention to the urgent need for resolution: “Once again we have a water outage in Kelvin Region E Sandton; Marlboro is also reporting water loss. Please advise on the issue here. This is becoming an increasingly frustrating problem.” Shabalala, addressing the concerns, refuted claims of a lack of communication with the community. She stated that Johannesburg Water regularly communicates water supply interruptions through daily water notices, system updates, and bulk SMSs shared with ward councillors and on social media. Shabalala also provided insight into the water supply process, explaining that Johannesburg Water purchases potable water from the bulk supplier, Rand Water, and distributes it through a network of 128 reservoirs and water towers to ensure a sustainable water supply for the City of Johannesburg’s customers.

Source: Insight on Kelvin/Marlboro water outages

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Picture: Facebook / Johannesburg Water

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