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Vandalism Contributes to Water Supply Challenges in Johannesburg, Says Johannesburg Water



water supply challenges in Lanseria

Johannesburg Water is facing water supply challenges in Lanseria, stemming from vandalism on Wednesday, 1 November.

According to The South African, the current water supply disruption affecting Lanseria south and the surrounding areas has its roots in the vandalism of a primary water pipeline located in the Narens Farm informal settlement, a situation reported by Johannesburg Water.

To address this situation, Johannesburg Water initiated an emergency water shutdown to facilitate the necessary repairs. As a result, the water supply to Johannesburg Water systems was isolated (closed off), leading to an impact on the Hospital Hill, Lanseria, and Cosmos reservoir supply zones.

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Unfortunately, residents in areas served by Hospital Hill and Lanseria Hill level reservoirs will lack water supply tonight. However, supply will resume by Thursday morning, 2 November. On a positive note, customers supplied by the Cosmos reservoir will not experience any disruption in their water supply.


Meanwhile, Johannesburg Water has disclosed that Cosmo City will be the first suburb to transition from an open billing system to the new prepaid smart meters, commencing on Wednesday, 1 November. This decision follows the recent completion of consultation processes involving ward councillors and the local community to educate them about the new system. These consultations encompassed discussions about the benefits of the new prepaid smart meters, guidelines for purchasing water, the importance of paying for services, and information about the Expanded Social Package (ESP).

As part of this transition, Johannesburg Water is urging residents in Ward 100 and Ward 114 to ensure they have a Customer Interface Unit (CIU), an essential component for loading units when purchasing water credits, as it is connected to prepaid water meters installed within households.

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