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Premier Lesufi Vows to Generate 6,000 Jobs Monthly for the Next Year



Lesufi is committed to creating 6000 jobs monthly

South Africa, grappling with the highest unemployment rate in the world, has seen efforts to tackle this critical issue as the Gauteng Provincial Government’s Nasi Ispani (here is a job) employment campaign recently concluded on 14 July. Panyaza Lesufi, the Gauteng MEC for Education and Youth Development, has distributed 40,000 appointment letters to successful job seekers at Orlando Stadium in Soweto to combat the unemployment crisis. Lesufi is committed to creating 6000 jobs monthly for the next year to address major problems like high crime rates, the energy crisis, and maintaining city cleanliness. According to 702, the employment campaign offered various positions, including crime prevention wardens, solar panel technician trainees, and waste management personnel.

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Amidst the positive efforts to create employment opportunities, some opposition parties have voiced scepticism, claiming that this campaign is a tactic to secure votes ahead of next year’s election. However, Lesufi challenges these claims, stating that those making accusations must provide evidence to support their allegations. He stresses that providing medication in hospitals or offering children food in schools should not be misconstrued as campaigning, as the focus is creating jobs and addressing critical challenges.

Lesufi believes that the roles generated through this campaign will offer job opportunities and provide essential training to the individuals involved in the program. With a vision to transition into a digital economy, he recognises the need for specific skills and plans to invest in the youth to meet those demands. By empowering the workforce with the necessary training and expertise, Gauteng aims to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of a digital-driven economy.

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