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Man’s Shocking Act of Urinating from Moving Car Sparks Outrage



man was urinating out of a moving car

A man was urinating out of a moving car, and he was caught on video. The recent viral video depicting him has ignited a wave of public outrage after being widely shared on TikTok.

According to Jacaranda FM, Colleen Makhubele, the Speaker of the City of Johannesburg, was among those who expressed deep concern and disapproval of the incident. She emphasized that a city cannot claim to be a “world-class African city” if its residents openly flout the law in such a manner.

In response to the viral video, Makhubele remarked, “Our society has lost all forms of social control and social order and makes it very uncomfortable for residents, tourists, and investors to take our nation and cities seriously.”

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She stressed the urgent need for a civic education program to instil a sense of social respect and responsible coexistence among the populace. Makhubele states that such incidents underscore the criticality of fostering good citizenship values to establish a world-class African city that is genuinely worthy of its name.


Makhubele further advocated reintroducing civic education from early childhood development, stressing that the nation faces an educational challenge in restoring social order and public decency. She called upon all levels of government to unite in the deliberate effort to nurture responsible, law-abiding citizens and discourage any form of disregard for public and social ethics.

In the wake of this incident, many echo Makhubele’s call for a renewed commitment to building a society that upholds fundamental values of respect, dignity, and adherence to the law.

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