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5 Bajajes Take Over Johannesburg Garage, Creating Hilarious TikTok Moment in Mzansi



5 Bajajes at 1 Johannesburg garage

A viral video on TikTok shows 5 Bajajes at 1 Johannesburg garage. Bolt introduced a fleet of miniature public vehicles to offer South Africans an alternative mode of transportation. These compact vehicles have been making waves across the internet, with videos showcasing their unique presence garnering significant attention.

Per Briefly News, the video portrays these mini-taxis assembled at a local garage, creating quite a spectacle. The footage, shared widely, has amassed over 2,000 likes from amused onlookers.

In the video “Bajajs take over petrol station,” posted by @tiktokclips.daily, a man exclaims that the tiny vehicles seemingly conquer the territory. The footage captures the moment when five Bajajes, the compact cars utilised by Bolt, simultaneously refuel at a petrol station.

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Online users couldn’t contain their amusement upon witnessing the video of the Bolt Bajajes. Comments flooded in, with many seizing the opportunity to crack jokes about the amusing scene. User waheedcooper humorously remarked, “It came to this now.” Another user, Angelface, chimed in, “R80 full tank,” highlighting the economical nature of these vehicles. Becca expressed her desire to own one, pondering if these pint-sized rides could survive the highway.


Amidst the laughter and amusement, Gee Ndeyapo recognised the hardworking individuals behind the wheels of these tiny taxis, offering a supportive comment: “Ooh nice, you can also fuel it.” User dineshmothilal echoed this sentiment, emphasising the importance of supporting those earning an honest living: “Respect for these guys earning an honest living. We should support and not laugh.”

However, despite the popularity of these compact vehicles, they haven’t entirely escaped mishaps. Social media has been inundated with humorous videos depicting Bajajes toppling over while navigating the city’s streets, providing entertainment amidst their practicality.

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Picture: TikTok / tiktokclips.daily


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