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Suspects in N1 Highway VIP Protection Unit Assault Appear in Court for the First Time



Mashatile's VIP unit appeared in court

Mashatile’s VIP unit appeared in court today, as the eight VIP presidential protection police officers caught on video assaulting two civilians earlier this month faced charges. According to EWN, the men – part of Deputy President Paul Mashatile’s security detail – handed themselves over to the police in Sandton on Sunday.

They face charges of pointing a firearm, assault, and malicious property damage. Monday’s court appearance, the first one, is expected to be short. The men’s names, ages, and individual charges will likely be brought to light in court.

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It has been several weeks since the Johannesburg highway assault occurred. However, many factors remain uncertain. It’s still not clear what led to the assault, and it is also unclear whether Mashatile was in one of the vehicles when the incident took place. Mashatile’s office released a statement shortly after the incident claiming he was not in any VIP cars.

But the Independent Police Investigative Directorate’s spokesperson Robbie Raburabu told the media on Sunday that they are still investigating those details. At this stage, the eight remain suspended with full pay.


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