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Explosion in Joburg CBD Causes Shutdown of Numerous Small Businesses



Johannesburg gas explosion shut down many businesses

The Johannesburg gas explosion shut down many businesses as the City declared the safety of nearby buildings following the underground blast on Lilian Ngoyi Street. However, the lack of foot traffic has challenged companies near the blast site. Since the explosion, the street has been without electricity and cordoned off for safety reasons. SowetanLIVE reports that these preventative measures leave most businesses closed and those that remain open struggling to attract customers.

City manager, Floyd Brink, confirmed that officials had inspected most of the residential buildings in the vicinity and found them safe for occupation. However, access to one high-rise building is still challenging, and officials will conduct further tests once they locate the owner.

When visiting the affected area, Johannesburg Metro Police Department closely monitored the situation, and workers set up steel poles and fences to secure the site.

For Rose Ngomane, who runs a hair salon on Lilian Ngoyi Street, attracting customers has been a struggle, especially on Sundays. She is concerned about the impact on business and said, “I need money. I have realised that since the incident happened, people are scared to come to the City. It is going to be tough for us since the street is partly closed off. We sit here on Bree Street because it is one of the busiest streets in Johannesburg. This is where we get customers who want to do their hair.”

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Letticia Abankwa, another hair salon owner, shared her plight due to the lack of power and water affecting her business. She said, “The landlord wants his rent in full while I had to close for four days. Another issue is that people are going to stay away from the inner City since the incident happened. We always experience this scarcity of customers during xenophobic attacks. This is bad for our business.”

While electricity restoration was expected, Richman Khumalo, who runs a number plate printing shop in the affected area, expressed concern that the closure of the streets would still impact his business. His clients, who usually park in front of the shop, would find it difficult to reach him. He stated, “This explosion has affected my business big time. I will have to walk meters to attend to my customers.”

As businesses struggle to cope with the aftermath of the gas explosion, many anxiously await the situation’s resolution and hope to return to normalcy in the affected area.

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