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Fatal Altercation in Braamfontein – Metro Cop Fatally Shot by SAPS Officer



metro cop was killed during a shootout

A tragic incident unfolded in Braamfontein during the early hours of Tuesday morning. A metro cop was killed during a shootout, as reported by Opera News.

The altercation was captured on video and shared on social media, showcasing a heated argument between two individuals. The motives behind the dispute remain undisclosed. See the video below:

As tensions escalated, one person in a white hoodie produced a firearm. He was trying to reach the other individual who sought refuge inside a nearby vehicle. Despite attempts to de-escalate the situation, the confrontation turned fatal when gunshots rang out.


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The sudden chaos forced bystanders to seek shelter. The camera briefly lost focus amidst the commotion. Soon after, the picture came back into focus. It revealed the man in the white hoodie lying on the ground. He had gunshot wounds on his chest.

Statements revealed that those involved were officers from the South African Police Services and the Johannesburg Metro Police Department. However, it remains uncertain which party discharged the fatal shots.

People on social media criticised the incident. Many even got frustrated with the individual who filmed the altercation. They chose personal safety over capturing a clear account of the shooter’s identity.

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Picture: Twitter / sa_crime

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