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Tshwane mayor urges residents to film police for personal safety



residents to film police officers for their own safety

Tshwane Mayor Cilliers Brink has called on residents to film police officers following an incident where two Tshwane Metro Police Department caught officers operating outside their jurisdiction. The officers, dressed in uniform, were discovered stopping motorists in Diepsloot by Johannesburg Metro Police officers over the weekend. According to allAfrica, Mayor Brink expressed concern over the officers’ actions, stating they had no permission to operate in that area. He urged residents to request the officers’ appointment certificates and to record their interactions, including capturing videos, pictures, and details of the officers and their vehicles.

This incident is not an isolated case, as there have been multiple complaints of corruption involving Tshwane metro cops. During two incidents over the recent long weekend, the TMPD Integrity Unit is investigating seven officers for using illegal breathalysers. Additionally, two TMPD members were found using an unofficial breathalyser on a member of the public near Lynnwood Road, prompting further investigation.

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Mayor Brink revealed that five officers were also operating outside their assigned area, potentially connected to an alleged extortion and robbery case involving a public member. A criminal investigation has been launched, with the full cooperation of the TMPD.

In light of these incidents, Mayor Brink emphasised the need for accountability and transparency within the TMPD. By encouraging residents to film their interactions with police officers and report any unlawful acts, he aims to expose and address misconduct. The mayor’s call for residents to actively participate in documenting incidents involving law enforcement promotes accountability and ensures that officers operate within the bounds of the law.


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