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South African Nationals in desperate situation: More evacuations ordered from Sudan!



More South Africans evacuated from Sudan

On Tuesday, Dr Imtiaz Sooliman confirmed that four South Africans still needed to reach the pick-up point for the buses arranged by the Department of International Relations and Cooperation. According to President Cyril Ramaphosa, the conflict in Sudan has stranded 77 South Africans, including locals and foreign nationals.

As per Jacaranda FM, Dr Sooliman stated that the situation in Sudan had been an emotional rollercoaster for everyone involved, with feelings of fear, anxiety, terror, uncertainty, panic and sadness. Even two pet Scottish terriers were left behind, causing great sorrow for their owner.

Dr Sooliman reported that the network had collapsed by midnight on Sunday, and four South Africans were still missing when the buses were en route to Cairo. So far, six South Africans made it to Port Sudan, three to Djibouti, two opted not to leave, one near a mine is still deciding, and Dr Sooliman believed some to be in South Sudan. Gift of the Givers arranged a third bus for the four South Africans left behind, departing around noon today. The two dogs will also be in the transport.

Dr Sooliman mentioned that there had been many challenges on the ground, including inaccessibility, network collapse, no airtime, electricity and fuel shortages, and lack of money, food and water. He also spoke to many traumatised South Africans, anxious Brazilians and Filipinos who want to make the trip, and the dog owner. However, Dr Sooliman remains optimistic that everyone will cross the border safely.

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Picture: Twitter / AfricaViewFacts

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