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DIRCO: SA gov to evacuate Sudanese citizens



Birgitte Davy, a South African national, has found herself stranded in Khartoum, Sudan, amidst a war-torn environment. She has been working in the capital city for four years as an HR specialist, but the recent escalation of conflict has made her and more than 50 other South Africans in the area fear for their safety as reported by Eyewitness News.

According to reports, the compound where Davy and others are staying has been attacked, with gunfire and explosions nearby. With no clear indication of when the situation will stabilize, Davy and her fellow South Africans eagerly await their government’s help.

The South African embassy has been in contact with the citizens trapped in Khartoum, but their only advice thus far has been to stay calm and patient. However, given the current state of the conflict, many are growing increasingly anxious about their safety.

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In response, the South African government has assured its citizens that it plans to evacuate them safely. The head of international diplomacy, Clayson Monyela, has stated that the government is exploring all possible avenues to ensure the safe evacuation of its citizens but cannot disclose the plan’s details to the public due to security concerns.


Meanwhile, Davy and others continue to wait and hope for the best as the conflict in Khartoum rages on. The situation is a stark reminder of the dangers of working in war-torn areas and the importance of government intervention to protect its citizens abroad.

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South Africa to evacuate citizens stranded in Sudan conflict

Photo: Facebook / @Sudan Tribune

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