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Lawyer Calls for Disbandment of Bluelight Brigade Following N1 Highway Assault



N1 highway assault

The lawyer representing the victims of the N1 highway assault has called for the complete disbandment of the blue light brigade.
Police announced on Monday that all eight VIP Protection Unit officers involved in the assault on a driver and two passengers near Fourways, Johannesburg, have been suspended. as reported by IOL.

The officers were caught on camera assaulting the victims, with one of them appearing to faint. The victims are reported to be military trainees.
According to SAPS national spokesperson Brigadier Athlenda Mathe, all eight officers have been suspended in accordance with the SAPS disciplinary regulations.

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Lawyer Ulrich Roux stated in an interview that their primary goal is to ensure criminal prosecution and proper legal action against the police officials involved. They are also considering civil claims for damages against the police and the minister of police.

Roux explained that when suing the Minister of Police for malicious damage or unlawful arrest, it is standard practice to cite both the minister and the police as the employers of the SAPS.


The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) has confirmed that they are investigating the case.

Action Society South Africa’s Ian Cameron has called for the officers’ arrest and criticized their suspension with full pay, referring to it as a “paid holiday.”

Cameron shared a screenshot of a death threat made to an ex-police officer who shared the footage of the assault. The threat message warned the officer of the consequences of sharing the footage.
Mathe was contacted regarding the threats, but no response was received at the time of publication.

Cameron’s group has also called for banning blue light brigades, stating that these leaders are not above citizens and that the officers involved are criminals.

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