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Jabulani Community Welcomes New Swimming Pool




Excitement fills the air as the vibrant community of Jabulani enters a new era of aquatic excellence. The Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) has successfully completed a meticulously designed swimming pool, a testament to the City of Johannesburg’s commitment to providing world-class recreational facilities. Acting on behalf of the City’s Department of Community Development, Sports and Recreation in Soweto, Region D, the JDA, the city’s infrastructure development agency, has realised this remarkable Olympic-sized pool as reported by Joburg Newsroom.

The state-of-the-art facility, Jabulani Safe-Hub, officially launched on September 9, 2021. It offers many features and amenities, creating physically and emotionally safe spaces for young people to access services and opportunities. Sports, arts, and culture-based programs promote personal development, health, safety, education, accredited training, employability, and local economic growth.

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In addition to the new swimming pool, the Jabulani Safe-Hub boasts a full-size artificial soccer pitch, outdoor courts, a gym facility, a play area, and a multipurpose hall equipped with basketball courts and changing rooms. These offerings provide a diverse range of recreational possibilities for residents.

Attendance data reveals the tremendous success of the Jabulani Safe-Hub, with an impressive count of 10,000 visitors within 30 days. As the swimming pool reaches practical completion, this number is expected to soar even higher as the facility continues to enhance the community’s well-being.


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Mokgema Mongane, CEO of the JDA, expressed his satisfaction with completing the Olympic-sized swimming pool within the Jabulani Safe-Hub. He emphasised its alignment with the GDS 2040 ideals of resilience, liveability, and sustainability, showcasing how the JDA’s work responds to these aspirations. Mongane further highlighted the facility as a symbol of progress, collaboration, and the city’s unwavering commitment to providing exceptional recreational opportunities for all residents.

The future shines brightly for Jabulani as the new swimming pool and the Jabulani Safe-Hub propel the community toward a horizon of aquatic excellence and vibrant recreational experiences.

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Photo by Emily Rose

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