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Revolutionary transport upgrade – Selby BRT depot set to change commuting in Johannesburg!



New Selby BRT depot is nearing completion

The Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) is near the completion of the Rea Vaya Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) depot in Selby. The project includes restoring an existing administration block for Phase 1B and 1C operations, which is currently underway. The JDA is constructing the Selby BRT depot on behalf of the City of Johannesburg’s transport department to improve the city’s BRT system’s efficiency and reliability.

Mokgema Mongane, CEO of the JDA, said the depot is part of the agency’s accelerated infrastructure delivery programme to effectively deliver on the city’s priority social and economic infrastructure. The agency carried out the construction in three phases, with Phase 2A and 2B already completed and Phase 2C still ongoing. The construction scope of Phase 2C includes refurbishing the facility’s working space with modern amenities, such as a new canteen and gymnasium.
The scope of work will also include renovating workshop spaces, creating additional offices, administration rooms, boardrooms, storerooms, a new main foyer and reception area, courtyard renovations, and outdoor improvements. Once complete, the Selby BRT depot will become the central management hub for bus operations, housing up to 270 buses.

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The construction of the administration building also provides job creation and skill development opportunities, with 30% of the contract value going to SMMEs. The project has already employed 10 SMMEs and 51 local labourers, who are receiving continuous work through the project.

The JDA intends for the Selby BRT depot to have a positive environmental impact by reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the depot’s location in the Johannesburg inner city aims to reduce dead mileage and the time lost by buses in traffic congestion between depots and route starting points.


Source: New Selby BRT depot is nearing completion

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Picture: Twitter / CityofJoburgZA

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