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Allegations surface – TMPD employing over 200 officers with criminal records



officers with criminal records

During the debates on Mayor Cilliers Brink’s State of the Capital Address, shocking allegations emerged regarding the Tshwane Metro Police Department (TMPD). IOL reports that Community Safety MMC Grandi Theunissen revealed that the TMPD employed more than 200 officers with criminal records during the initial phase of insourcing in 2020. Their records showed various crimes, such as bribery, extortion, assault, and armed robbery.

Theunissen said he would conduct vetting procedures so that the department does not employ individuals with criminal records, particularly within the community safety department, as they are responsible for protecting citizens. He emphasized the need to address the longstanding issue of ill-discipline among TMPD members and take appropriate disciplinary actions.

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Theunissen further revealed that around 30 members were currently facing criminal charges, with one individual facing a staggering 18 counts related to various offences. These revelations come in response to concerns raised about the poor performance of the TMPD.

During the discussions, some also raised concerns about officials and councillors who owe the municipality significant amounts in arrears for municipal services and rates, with some owing over R1.5 million.


The revelations regarding the employment of officers with criminal records have added to the challenges faced by the municipality, calling for a renewed focus on discipline and accountability within the TMPD and the broader administration.

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