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Joburg South Residents Left Stranded Without Water – Authorities Turn a Blind Eye as Crisis Persists



On Water Day, residents in Johannesburg faced an acute water shortage

On Water Day, residents in Johannesburg faced an acute water shortage. Due to pump failure, some areas experienced low water pressure, dry taps, and water outages. According to The Citizen, despite the efforts of Johannesburg Water to increase the total of water tankers in affected areas, residents continue to need help accessing sufficient water.

Some frustrated residents gathered outside the Johannesburg Water Southdale Depot, demanding answers from those responsible for the water distribution network. Rand Water and Johannesburg Water refused to comment. Johannesburg Water spokesperson Nolwazi Dlamini directed the reporter to contact Rand Water or a community group representative. Robertsham Action Group interim convenor Moe Alli said that residents had few alternatives and that Johannesburg Water and Rand Water were blaming each other.

Johannesburg Water assured Alli they would meet Rand Water to resolve the issue. However, residents complained that Johannesburg Water and Rand Water could not explain the problem or when they would restore the water. The case had been ongoing for the past two years. Residents were frustrated with the need for more accountability from those responsible for ensuring the water supply.

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Picture:  Image by Henryk Niestrój from Pixabay

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