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Johannesburg Motorists Will Not Be Required to Settle Bills at Roadblocks, Confirms COJ Chief Financial Officer



jhb motorist will not have to pay bills at roadblocks

In a welcome update, Johannesburg motorists will not have to pay bills at roadblocks. The City’s Chief Financial Officer, Tebogo Moraka, has issued this reassuring statement amid a recent controversy surrounding the City of Joburg’s debt collection strategy.

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eNCA reports that to address the issue of defaulting ratepayers, the city initiated a crackdown last week, causing concerns among residents and motorists alike. The controversial strategy involved motorists being potentially asked to pay outstanding rates and taxes when stopped at roadblocks.

This move sparked a wave of criticism, prompting the city to clarify its stance. While the City of Joburg is committed to recovering overdue payments, roadside bill settlements will not be part of this strategy, offering some relief to Johannesburg’s motorists.

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