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EMPD Takes Strong Action Against Non-Compliant Businesses



EMPD Takes Strong Action Against Non-Compliant Businesses

On September 4, the EMPD’s Bronberg By-Laws Unit took decisive action by closing down an illegal meat processing venture located in Petit. The operation was found to be in flagrant violation of numerous municipal by-laws and environmental health regulations, prompting the intervention.

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Kelebogile Thepa, the EMPD spokesperson, disclosed that this action was instigated by a complaint concerning issues such as air pollution, unhygienic food production practices, and disruptive livestock rearing on a plot situated along Rooikat Street, which had been negatively affecting the local community.

Upon arrival at the scene, officers uncovered a disturbing lack of proper hygiene measures, with animal intestines from slaughtered animals stored in a manner that emitted toxic odours.

Furthermore, it was discovered that the business needed more essential prerequisites, including proper zoning, a certificate of acceptance, and a valid trading license to operate on the premises. A more extensive investigation revealed that the enterprise produced pork sausages and boerewors products, further violating a range of municipal by-laws and environmental health regulations.


In response to these violations, the officers promptly engaged the Environmental Health Department to initiate legal proceedings against the business proprietor. Subsequently, all business activities were immediately halted, and the establishment was shut down.

Kelebogile Thepa emphasised the importance of business owners seeking assistance and guidance from relevant departments such as the Economic Development Department and Environmental Health Department to ensure compliance with the legal requirements for operating their businesses. The EMPD encourages proactive collaboration to ensure that companies operate within the bounds of the law and maintain the community’s well-being.

Source: EMPD clamps down on non-compliant businesses

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