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Positive Outlook for Solar Employment in South Africa



Positive Outlook for Solar Employment in South Africa

The green energy sector in South Africa has witnessed a substantial surge in job opportunities, particularly in the solar power industry, according to data analysed by CareerJunction. The latest Employment Insights Report from the recruitment platform highlights the remarkable growth in “green jobs” advertised on its platform over the past few years as reported by My Broad Band.

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CareerJunction’s report reveals that the demand for energy professionals has grown by over 200% in the last three years, with vacancies for green energy professionals doubling since 2021. The momentum continues to rise, with 2023 marking the highest number of green energy job vacancies to date.

This increase in green energy jobs reflects South Africa’s determination to overcome its energy crisis and transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. The most common roles in the green energy sector are in engineering, encompassing electrical, mechanical, and chemical positions. Some of the most sought-after positions include Design Engineer (Solar), Solar Electrical Engineer, Technical Engineer in Renewable Energy, Technical Solar Engineer, Estimations Engineer in Renewable Energy, and Technical Support Specialist in Solar.

The Building and Construction sector also contributes to green energy roles, primarily with solar installation electricians and solar electricians. Additionally, sales professionals play a crucial role in supporting the growth of solar businesses. Roles such as Technical Sales Executive in Renewable Energy, Solar Sales Representative, and External Sales Engineer in Solar are becoming increasingly in demand.


CareerJunction’s analysis also compares the advertised salaries of green energy roles with similar positions in other industries. Solar power engineers and electricians typically earn salaries that align with general electrical designers and engineers. Solar design engineers, for instance, have advertised salaries ranging from R32,183 to R42,708, with the lower end of the scale exceeding the salaries of electrical design engineers (R27,167). In comparison, the upper end is slightly lower (R42,857).

Solar electricians tend to earn slightly less than regular electricians, with salaries ranging from R21,633 to R25,426 compared to R22,549–R29,928 for general electricians. However, salaries for solar salespeople, both at the management and general levels, are generally higher than those in other industries. Solar sales manager positions are advertised with salaries between R38,333 and R51,389, compared to typical sales manager salaries ranging from R35,404 to R44,819.

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