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Rand Water Addresses Water Supply Shortage in Amandasig and Chantelle



Rand Water Addresses Water Supply Shortage in Amandasig and Chantelle

Since Monday, August 28, residents in the northern Pretoria suburbs of Amandasig and Chantelle have been grappling with a severe water shortage. The root cause of this water crisis has been traced back to issues with the Akasia reservoir, which has been unable to provide a consistent water supply to these areas.

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The primary problem identified in this situation is the inadequate pressure from Rand Water, a key water supplier in the region. Rand Water is pivotal in ensuring a reliable water supply to various municipalities, including the City of Tshwane.

The City of Tshwane has taken swift action to address this issue by promptly notifying Rand Water about the ongoing water outage affecting Amandasig and Chantelle. In response, Rand Water is expected to take urgent measures to rectify the problem and restore a stable water supply to these suburbs.

While the authorities are actively working to resolve this situation, they also understand the significant inconvenience it has caused the Amandasig and Chantelle residents. To mitigate the impact of the water shortage, residents are encouraged to adopt water conservation practices during this challenging period.


Additionally, residents are urged to assist in identifying and reporting any water leaks or burst pipes to the relevant municipal authorities. This proactive approach can help expedite repairs and minimise water wastage.

The City of Tshwane recognises the frustration and disruption that such water shortages can cause and extends its apologies to the affected residents. Efforts are ongoing to ensure that normal water supply is reinstated quickly.

In the meantime, residents are advised to stay informed about the progress of the restoration efforts and to follow any water-saving guidelines issued by the municipal authorities. The municipality remains committed to resolving the issue and ensuring that the water supply is both reliable and consistent for its residents.


Source: Rand Water to attend to water supply shortage in Amandasig, Chantelle

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