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Exhausted Ikageng Residents Forced to Wheelbarrow Water Daily



Exhausted Ikageng Residents Forced to Wheelbarrow Water Daily

Residents of Ikageng in Mamelodi East have endured nearly three years of water shortages, leaving them frustrated and exhausted from the daily struggle of fetching water. Despite being ratepayers, they continue to face dry taps and empty promises from the Tshwane Metro and the government.

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The problem began in 2020 with low water pressure but has escalated to the point where their taps are now perpetually dry. This dire situation has devalued their properties and left residents questioning the wisdom of living in an area without reliable access to water.

Earlier this year, the Tshwane Metro attempted to address the issue by seeking to evict illegal land invaders who had connected to their neighbouring reservoir. However, this has not resolved the water shortages in Ikageng.

Residents are forced to purchase water for basic needs, and their lives are significantly disrupted due to the lack of water for sanitation, hygiene, and even taking necessary medications. Despite their continued complaints and appeals, they feel abandoned by their local ward councillor and political leaders.


In addition to the water shortage, the community faces prolonged power cuts, exacerbating their daily challenges. Attempts to address these issues have been hindered by victimisation and fear, making it difficult for residents to advocate for their basic rights.

While the Tshwane Metro has taken steps to evict illegal land invaders near the Mamelodi reservoir, the residents of Ikageng continue to suffer from water shortages, leaving them with no option but to endure the hardships of their daily lives, where fetching water has become a daily struggle.

Source: Ikageng residents tired of pushing wheelbarrows to fetch water all-day

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