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Resident Reveals Why Rats Plague Alexandra: “They’re Fearless”



Residents in Alexandra are facing a relentless infestation of large rats, causing significant problems such as biting children, damaging food, and even gnawing on electric cables.

The City of Johannesburg implemented an Integrated Rodent Control project to address the issue, disposing of more than 5,000 rats in the township as reported by Eyewitness News.

Xolani Mkhize, a long-time resident of Alexandra, highlighted the scarcity of wastebins in the area, exacerbating the rat infestation problem.

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Residents have unwittingly contributed to the growth of the rat population by indiscriminately disposing of rubbish, feeding the rodents and allowing them to thrive. The rats have become brazen, fearlessly approaching people without hesitation.


Mkhize revealed the persistent presence of rats in Alexandra, with various types of rats observed, including white, black and white, and even pink rats, which were known to be particularly dangerous and posed a threat to human lives, including children.

Another resident suggested that glue-based traps have proven effective in capturing smaller rats, providing a potential solution to tackle the ongoing rat problem.

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Photo: Facebook / @Eyewitness News

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