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Rodger Jardine Launches Change Starts Now Party, Criticises Government’s Corruption Image



Rodger Jardine

Anti-apartheid activist and businessman Rodger Jardine has boldly declared that the South African government has become the face of corruption. On Sunday, he said this while unveiling his new political party, Change Starts Now, in Riverlea.

According to Jacaranda FM, Jardine is the former First Rand Group chairman. He is dissatisfied with the current state of governance. Roger asserted, “This government has become the face of corruption, the face of an uncaring, self-absorbed, and incompetent state.”

Prominent figures such as social justice activist Mark Heywood and former Helen Suzman executive director Nicole Fritz announced their decision to join Jardine’s political venture ahead of next year’s general election.

Jardine stressed the need for a broad coalition representing people from diverse backgrounds to bring about political change. He urged South Africans to unite. He stated, “There is another way. It is time for people from all walks of life, from all political formations, and from all sectors of society, to work together.”

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Jardine also said, “As South Africans, there is a lot that we can disagree about, but most of us can agree on one thing – we cannot continue like this. We cannot continue to give power to those who are meant to restore the dignity but instead, on a daily basis, they are taking our dignity from us.”

Jardine outlined his movement’s composition, emphasising that it would consist of anti-apartheid and social justice activists and businesspeople. He stressed the importance of reminding South Africans that politics does not solely belong to political parties.

Looking ahead to the 2024 elections, Jardine presented a choice to the citizens: to continue down the current path or to come together and actively participate in shaping the nation’s future. He concluded, “We can try and change our path by accepting that we are responsible for who governs us. We can choose.”

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